Pet Sitting

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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting  | Pawing Cats & Dogs - Teaneck, NJ

Having a pet is a major commitment. You have to be willing to care for it and have its best interests at heart at all times. Although this should come naturally for pet owners, it can get a bit difficult if you need to travel for business, or are going away for a few days. The good news is that if you live in Teaneck, NJ or surrounding towns, we offer the perfect solution!

We can easily custom make a pet sitting package to cater for your exact needs. If you are usually home for most of the day, your pet will probably require attention throughout the day. For this, we offer in home services where we will either stay in your home and care for your pets within their own environment, visit your home daily, or take them to our own homes, where we can provide them with as much care as possible. The kind of care that your pets will need will depend on their general daily lifestyles when they are at home with you.

When taking on a new dog sitting or "vacation sitting" job, we always ask as many questions as possible in order to try and understand your pet’s unique personality. Do they like to play? Are they relaxed and reserved? Do they require a lot of affection? We try to find out as much as possible in order to mimic their daily routine as well as we can. This is imperative to making them feel comfortable while you are gone.

Of course, we then ask about dietary requirements, how often your pet is fed, and if it’s a dog, how often it needs to be walked. We have cared for every dog and cat variety under the sun during our many years of professional pet sitting, and can guarantee that no fussy furry friend is going to put us off!

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